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Fitting the LED or LCD Flat Screen Television on the wall is a spaceTelevision Wall Mounting saver and also looks stylish. If you need more room in the Living room, kitchen or bedroom then hanging the TV on the wall one way to do this is. If you have ankle biters in the home, then wall mounting a TV is a way of keeping the equipment safe from small hands. If you have ever tried to fit a TV bracket on your own, you will have realised how difficult it can be. Before the TV Installation can take place, there are quite a few things to take into consideration.

If consulting ourselves, we will ask you some questions about where the Television is going to be fit, the type of wall it is going to be fixed on, the size of TV, if you will need the cables extended etc. Knowing whether the wall the TV Installation is going on is solid brick or stud will dictate the type of TV Bracket you can use. deciding how you want or if you want the HDMI, Coax and power cables hiding or not needs to be discussed since there are a couple of ways to do this, one of which is quite a messy process. Using trunking is a popular solution.

In the years we have been offering a TV wall mounting service we must have fitted 100's of them. We hang TV's on walls in a professional way, leaving a TV installation done neatly, level and securely. What we put up stays up!We have fit countless Flat screen TV's on walls and have been providing this service for years. We can confidently say that we provide a very professional service and when we put up a TV it stays up!

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Don't trouble yourself with trawling the internet trying to find the correct TV Bracket for your flat screen television. Our brackets range from 19" to 65" & we have a variety of top quality brackets at super low prices, often we can provide and install the TV with the bracket for less than it costs to buy a bracket from the internet. Our TV Wall Brackets come as flat, flat & tilt, swivel & cantilever style.

Call us to discuss your requirements and we can advise as to what will be the best solution for you. Call the number below to speak to one of our experienced TV Wall Mounting Service engineers.

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