Why One TV Aerial will work for Multiple TV Points

by | Jan 25, 2017

Ever noticed why some houses have 3 or 4 TV aerials on the roof, and others have only 1? Yet, within the homes with only one digital television aerial, there are a number of rooms that are feed by the single TV Aerial. Why is this, and which is the best set up for having multiple rooms in the home set up for Freeview TV? Well, to answer the first question as to why there are homes with multiple TV aerials on the property usually is because the additional aerials are put on after the original one had been fitted, and the home owner requested that another room in the home was fitted with a TV point. Many times, an aerial fitter will, rather than choose to put a simple signal splitter onto the coax cable and then run a new cable into the room, they will instead tell the customer that they need another antenna, since they can then charge much more for the service. In reality, the simple splitter is the best way to go if there is enough quality signal to split the signal.

The best practice for adding an additional aerial point to a room or rooms in the home is to employ an aerial splitter, either a passive one or an amplified version. With only one quality aerial on the property there is less likelihood of strong winds bringing down the mast with one aerial on as opposed to multiple antennas. Also, it looks much nicer and is aesthetically pleasing to have fewer antenna protruding off the chimney stack. With the use of say an amplified splitter, there are no end of how many TV points can be supplied equally with a good strong, quality signal. Think of it, with blocks of apartments, there is usually only one aerial feeding all of the flats in the block. Why can’t the same go for a domestic property? Well, it can and it is often a cost effective way of doing this rather than using an aerial for each point.

So, if you are looking to have fitted another TV point in your home or your looking for aerial installation work done & you would like a professional job doing, then think about us, give us a call and see how affordable it can be for you.