How often should a TV aerial be replaced?

by | Jan 25, 2019

So, you had your aerial replaced only a couple of years ago, and yet in that time over the last few months you have been losing channels and on the channels that you have still got you get the typical picture fracture and freeze, indicating you have a signal problem. This is frustrating since the aerial should last more than a few years at the very least! And you’d be right.

Why do TV Aerials Fail after only a few years of being fitted?

OK, well this is not going to be a complete answer, yet it will go some of the way to explaining why many newly installed television antenna need replacing after only a few years. Also, this article doesn’t really relate to aerials fitted in lofts as they don’t get effected by the weather.

1.      Poor Quality Antenna

Yes, this is probably one of the most common reasons for the need to replace an aerial after only a short period of time since its installation. The thing is, even if it was installed correctly and set up right, if the aerial itself is of a poor design or quality it is only a matter of time before the ravages of the brutal British weather will start to take its toll on it. And the way that antennas usually fail is 9 times out of 10 due to water ingress.

2.      Badly Designed TV Aerial

You may be surprised at this one, and to be honest so was I at first, but once the same faults keep on appearing in the same pieces of equipment, it all points to a bad design. One of the most common faults is for water to get into the diode connecting to the coax cable that is kept within a weather proof plastic box on the aerial. See Image below of the RX12 TV Aerial (Poorly Designed in my opinion).


The problem is that these boxes are terrible at keeping the weather out. They maybe Ok for use on the continent where the weather is a lot less intense, and wet. But, for UK homes these type o TV aerial will often start to let water in within a few months and by the end of a year or two they’re completely ruined.

3.      Poor TV Aerial Installation Work

So, this one I come across somewhat less than the other two reasons, yet when I do see an amateurish installation it makes me cringe. The reason I don’t see too many of these kind of aerial installations is due to the nature of where the antenna needs to be fitted, usually on a chimney. Due to this is has usually been put up by a roofer or another construction worker because they were working on the roof or re-pointing the chimney stack. In cases like that the roofer will often times attempt to fit the original or a new aerial to the chimney if required to at the time.

The problem comes if the connections are not fitted correctly and with water tight seals. Too often than not water will find its way into an aerial if any of the connections are exposed to the weather.

What Kind of TV Aerials will last a Very Long Time

In my experience and after many years of using various types and make of aerial I now only use the ‘Log Periodic’ television aerial, since they are excellent at bringing in a quality signal, but they are built to withstand the British weather. The coaxial cable connects via an F-plug connector within a weatherproof sheath, and in the years I’ve been fitting these I have never had a call out saying that the aerial is failing, not even one!! See image below of the Log Periodic Digital TV Aerial which we fit.


Also, to avoid having to replace your aerial every few years it is best to call a professional local aerial fitter from the Stoke on Trent Area Click Here since he will know the best transmitter to point to, the problems with any local 4G interference and more likely than not provide you with a warranty in case of any problems in the future.