How often should a TV aerial be replaced?

So, you had your aerial replaced only a couple of years ago, and yet in that time over the last few months you have been losing channels and on the channels that you have still got you get the typical picture fracture and freeze, indicating you have a signal problem. This is frustrating since the…

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Why One TV Aerial will work for Multiple TV Points

Ever noticed why some houses have 3 or 4 TV aerials on the roof, and others have only 1? Yet, within the homes with only one digital television aerial, there are a number of rooms that are feed by the single TV Aerial. Why is this, and which is the best set up for having…

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Digital TV Aerial Installation in Stoke on Trent

We were asked to install new aerial system for a small hotel in Stoke, so firstly we went down to take a look at the potential work needing to be carried out. The owner had recently taken over from the previous proprietor & was beginning a renovation of many of the rooms of which are…

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TV Aerials, when to repair and when to replace?

Aerial repairs When it comes to repairing a faulty aerial most people will have left it way too late for any significant work to be effective. For instance, a homeowner will suddenly notice water dripping out of the end of the coax cable. At that point, they think about repairing the aerial system, only to…

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